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Shanghai Realman Energy Technology Co.,Ltd (SHRET)

Factory Add: No.3555 Jiangcheng Road, MinhangDevelopment Zone, Shanghai.

Sales office: Room 1705, No.158 Zhucheng Road, No.3 Liberation Daily Building, Minhang District, Shanghai.

Sales Tel: 021-54283216

Factory Tel: 021-54723877

Factory Fax: 021-54723878-816

E-mail: sales@

Company profile

Shanghai Realman Energy Technology Co., Ltd (SHRET) is an international technology company, focusing on energy saving and environmental protection. It boasts R&D and management teams of various talents with master degree or Ph.D from home and abroad with backgrounds in technology development, technology introduction, technology promotion, technology investment and manufacturing etc. With memberships of Chinese Society for Heat Treatment, Shanghai Aluminum Industry Association and Industrial Furnace Branch under CMES (Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society), SHRET has been conducting close cooperations with the major industry research institutes, universities, experts and scholars. Its introduction of Europe's most advanced permanent magnet heating technology has landed China and has begun industrial development.

SHRET embraces and practices the concepts of green technology benefitting mankind and continuous innovation, strengthening efforts in introduction and training of professionals, increasing investments in new products, new processes, new technology development and promotion, optimizing quality and environmental protection service systems so as to make the company a long-lasting international core competitiveness.